About the Trestle Trail Project

Bringing history alive in Tiburon!

Be a Part of the Tiburon Peninsula’s Railroad History

The Trestle Trail, above Blackie’s Pasture, will connect us to this area’s railroad history. It will be a place for reflection and recreation by providing a short hike to the 130-year-old trestle timbers while offering rare views of the Tiburon Peninsula and Richardson Bay. And your family and your civic organization can be a forever part of the Trestle Trail.

The TRESTLE TRAIL begins at an existing turnoff from the existing Old Rail Trail. It will be the width of an actual railroad track (4’ 8”), be bordered on both sides by compacted gravel, and travel for over 600 feet. At Trestle Trail’s terminus there will be a 160-sq.ft. turn around area with dedication, informative and commemorative plaques and serene viewing benches.

To make Trestle Trail authentic, there will then be 40-feet of historic track rescued by SMART* from the Northwestern Pacific Railroad that for decades, beginning in 1884, actually rumbled along this very Trestle!

Here’s How You Can Be a Part of History

Donor Ties

At 10-foot intervals along the Trestle Trail there will heavy redwood “Donor Ties” embedded in the concrete pathway. Each Donor Tie will have a bronze plaque affixed to it that can be inscribed with a memorial, a poem, a dedication, a quote or a brief message to the future of the donor’s choosing. Just remember, what is placed there will last forever.

Railroad Spikes

Railroad spikes, identical to those that secure rails to ties in the 40-feet of historic railroad, can be acquired for a lesser donation. A gold spike goes to those donating $900; a silver spike to those donating $600; and a bronze spike for donations of $300. Contributors in all three categories will receive membership in the “Spike Society” and have their names, be it a family, individual or organization, inscribed on a plaque adjacent to the historical rail portion of the Trestle Trail.

Proposed Site Plan

History of the Tiburon Trestle

In 1884, visionary businessman Peter Donahue extended his San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad from San Rafael to the tip of the Tiburon Peninsula. To do so, he had to build an 800-foot trestle across a marshland that was three miles from his destination, the nascent town of Tiburon…

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