Help Make the Trestle Trail a Reality

How to Donate

Be a Part of Tiburon History!

Help make the Trestle Trail a reality by purchasing a redwood “Donor Tie” and/or a special Railroad spike.

Donor Ties


Thank you for the incredible support for the Trestle Trails project. All the Donor Ties are SOLD OUT but you can still help by purchasing Commemorative Railroad Spikes. Please join us and walk the Trestle Trail after April 1st.

At 10-foot intervals along the Trestle Trail there will heavy redwood “Donor Ties” embedded in the concrete pathway. Each Donor Tie will have a bronze plaque affixed to it that can be inscribed with a memorial, a poem, a dedication, a quote or a brief message to the future of the donor’s choosing. Just remember, what is placed there will last forever.

Railroad Spikes

Railroad spikes, identical to those that secure rails to ties in the 40-feet of historic railroad, can be acquired for a lesser donation. A gold spike goes to those donating $900; a silver spike to those donating $600; a bronze spike for donations of $300, and an original railroad spike for donations of $150. Contributors in all four categories will receive membership in the “Spike Society” and have their names, be it a family, individual or organization, inscribed on a plaque adjacent to the historical rail portion of the Trestle Trail.

Download a brochure with application form!

Donation Level
Name(s) to put on the plaque